Tech & Money: New Tech Trends & How Writers Can Leverage Them To Earn More

Tech & Money: New Tech Trends & How Writers Can Leverage Them To Earn More

Hardly does a week go by without some tech startup announcing a 6-7 figure raised seed round, and it has long been concluded that tech is the new oil. As a writer, you might have considered a career switch or wondered how you can get your cut of this tech boom. It would please you to know that you don’t have to learn coding at your old age, nor do you have to switch careers before you can get your share of the tech boom! With your writing skills and leveraging new tech trends, you too can become a writing bro (that’s our version of tech bro)!

Did I hear you ask how? Easy. The first step is to attend the February StartCulture session themed: Tech And Money: New Tech Trends and How Writers Can Leverage Them to Earn More.

During the session, you will learn from Oyindamola Olofinlua and Habeeb Ajijola, two experienced facilitators who have successfully leveraged on tech and their writing skills to multiply their income.

If you are curious about our facilitators’ pedigree, let their profiles convince you.

Oyindamola Olofinlua is the Head of Marketing at SystemSpecs, the indigenous software powerhouse and owners of the financial technology – Remita, the HRTech – HumanManager, and the ecommerce solution – Paylink. Although he was employed as a content writer, the last few years have seen him transit into more roles in marketing communications including social media management, executive management, crisis management, reputation management, CSR planning and implementation, PR strategy planning and execution, among others. Damola’s experience spans over a decade in various value areas including news reportage, editing, public relations, media liaison, content management, thought leadership, copywriting, people management, research and events management. In the course of these years of post-graduation experience, he has worked with some of Africa’s foremost brands in tech, banking, not-for-profit, academia and journalism.

Habeeb Ajijola is a product designer and manager, marketing and business growth expert and a digital and technology transformation consultant. He is the co-founder and CMO of Luminous Creatives; a creative digital agency, and also the co-founder and product manager at The Startup Africa; a bespoke technology agency. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and beyond to build, launch and/or scale digital products. Habeeb is also a spoken word poet and writer.

Being writers/creatives themselves, Oyindamola and Habeeb will be sharing actionable and relevant tips on how you can leverage tech to grow your income as a writer. And if you apply these tips, you will soon be on your way to earning more, the second and most important step to becoming a writing bro.

This is a paid event and you can find the details below:
Date: Saturday, 26 February 2022
Time: 6 pm
Venue: Zoom
Entry: N2,000
To Register: Visit Payment details are on the registration page.

About StartCulture:
StartCulture is the educational arm of Fairchild Media committed to providing creative entrepreneurs the platform to acquire much-needed skills to become better at their craft and multiply their earning potentials.

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