About Us


our Passion

We are driven to create avantgarde PR, content culture and creative enterprise solutions

Fairchild Media is an avantgarde Public Relations, Content Culture and Creative Enterprise firm

The firm has provided its services to numerous firms in the creative and culture industry and entertainment sector. Fairchild has also worked on media projects in the Oil and Gas and Transportation sectors of the Nigerian economy.

It has also helped shape content culture at the NCDMB, FMIC, LABAF, CORA, IREP Film Festival, AFRIMA, Owanbe Community, Beige and Crow, YAWA Media are amongst the few corporate entities we have worked with.


Content Warlords

You give us a task, we come up with the best solution

We share ideas and strategies with our clients

We write the best copies and make the copies visible on many platforms

We design portfolios that can be used in the communication units of many firms

We curate events, activation campaigns and tribe culture events

We publish avantgarde books and consult for vibrant writers and storytellers

We invest in new and out-of-the-box Ideas through our incubation portfolios and events

We create the audience, nuture them and sell to them

Vantage Position

We bring to the fore a marketing mix of PR, content culture, distribution and Sales to achieve the desired results

We create powerful web driven platforms with seamless user processes.

We are vibrant, resilient and resourceful executors