Elevating Your Business with the Power of Perception

Elevating Your Business with the Power of Perception

This session held on the 25th of March, 2023, was highly valuable, exceeding expectations.

In the inspiring and informative session by STARTCULTURE, the goal was to share the key strategies and techniques needed to build a powerful and distinctive brand that truly sets one apart and positions them as a leader in their creative field. Adedoyin Jaiyesimi stated that whether someone is an artist, designer, writer, or any other type of creative professional, they would leave the session with a roadmap for success and the confidence to turn their passions and talents into a thriving, successful career.

The speaker, Adedoyin Jaiyesimi emphasized the significance of brand outlook, distinct from mere “packaging.”

Factors such as physical appearance, interpersonal interactions, and organizational proficiency are crucial determinants of success. Neglecting seemingly minor details may lead to missed opportunities, despite possessing the necessary mental capacity to execute tasks.

One employer’s preference for brand consistency was cited as an example, particularly concerning color and font usage. Although challenging for individuals who enjoy experimenting with various color schemes, inconsistency may cause certain clients to question the credibility of the brand.

The session provided several noteworthy insights on brand improvement, encouraging attendees to scrutinize all aspects of their brand for potential enhancements.

Startculture and Fairchild Media are collaborating to host another impactful session, details of which will be announced shortly. Attendees can anticipate life-changing insights from StartCulture’s sessions.

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